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How To Stop Internet Browsing

Log into the user account you want to restrict. Go to "Internet Options" and click on the "Connections" tab. Click on the "LAN Settings" button and put a tick in the...

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Resolve Windows netbios names from Linux

Platforms:  any *nix distro What You'll Need: Samba In a heterogeneous LAN it is often useful to resolve network addresses by a computer's name (ie. netbios name). This is especially true if the LAN does not...

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Tuning the Apache Prefork MPM

Tuning the Apache Prefork MPM Apache uses a set of values called the Prefork MPM to determine how many servers it will utilize and how many threads each server can process....

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FreeNAS Expand / Resize disk

Expand/resize a single disk. FreeNAS machine is running on VMware ESXi (the VMware VMFS volumes are configured on RAID-disks, so the FreeNAS does not need to be configured for RAID anymore). After...

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Openfiler snapshots

For reference to others.  Here is a playback of my solution: SYMPTOM: Volume named "share" I was not letting be remove it because it reported a snapshot exists. PROBLEM: Their was a...

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