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1 .開始 -> 執行 -> gpedit.msc 2. [電腦設定] -> [Windows 設定] -> [安全性設定] -> [本機原則] ->[安全性選項] 3. [關機: 清除虛擬記憶體分頁檔] -> 設定為 [已啟用]...

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禁用Guest 帳戶

1 .開始 -> 執行 -> gpedit.msc 2. [電腦設定] -> [Windows 設定] -> [安全性設定] -> [本機原則] ->[安全性選項] 3. [帳戶: Guest 帳戶狀態] -> 設定為 [已停用]...

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將Administrator 帳戶改名

1 .開始 -> 執行 -> gpedit.msc 2. [電腦設定] -> [Windows 設定] -> [安全性設定] -> [本機原則] ->[安全性選項] 3. [重新命名系統管理員帳戶]...

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1. 開始 -> 執行 -> 輸入 “gpedit.msc” -> 確定 2. 展開: [電腦設定] -> [Windows 設定] -> [安全性設定] -> [帳戶原則] -> [密碼原則] 3. 按兩下 [密碼必須符合複雜性需求]原則 4. 打開其內容對話框, 將內容設定為 [已啟用] -> 確定 5. 按兩下[最小密碼長度] -> 設定長度...

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Migrate Workgroup to Domain

1) Reboot and log onto the machine as local admin. Copy the profile of the local user.(old user profile) Name it “copyofusername” or something similar. (optional) 2) Join the domain (under...

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Active Directory database corrupted

Active Directory database corruption is nasty. If you don't have your image backup or any system state backup. It's going to cost you time (and money). We have faced this recently,...

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