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Openfiler snapshots

For reference to others.  Here is a playback of my solution:
SYMPTOM: Volume named “share” I was not letting be remove it because it reported a snapshot exists.
PROBLEM: Their was a manual snapshot named “snap-manual” that was not reflected properly in the web interface.
df -k           # To see the mountpoint
umount /mnt/snapshots/vg1/share/snap-manual
lvdisplay     # To see the logical volume assigned to the mount point, note the that will be used in the following
lvremove /dev/vg1/of.snapshot.share.snap-manual
nano /opt/openfiler/etc/snapshots.xml  # Removed content between <snapshots> and </snapshots> but not headings
nano /etc/fstab     # I commented out the mount point for the snapshot in question
# Go into web interface and remove volume as desired