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LVM Resizing

LVM Resizing Overview In our LVM Configuration KB, we showed how to create a linear mapped logical volume (LV).  In this KB, we are going to build on our LVM knowledge...

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Using DD for disk cloning

There's been a number of questions regarding disk cloning tools and dd has been suggested at least once. I've already considered using dd myself, mainly because ease of use, and...

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Disable ipv6 on CentOS 6

With several late CentOS 6.2 systems being built on the network I have been running into network disconnect and performance issues being caused by IPV6. Since I am currently not...

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IPtables: open port for specific IP

Command and Syntax There seems to be a lot of confusion with this, so I'm going to make this quick any easy. IPtables is a stateful firewall tht is both powerful...

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