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These are the reasons why AionSolution is your vendor when you are seeking someone to support your IT in your office.
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IT Support Services

Why my computer keep crashing?
She can print but I can’t.
Why it is so hard to setup a computer system that is right for me and within my budget?
Are these situations familiar with you ? It happens all the time to many small and medium enterprises (SMEs).
With our remote and onsite support, you can rest assured that all your IT support needs will be taken care of.

Email Services

Choose between building your own in house email server (Microsoft Exchange, Zimbra (Linux based) or subscribe to Cloud Based Email service with Microsoft Office 365 or Google G Suite. AionSolution has the expertise.

Infrastructure design and setup

Whether you are setting up a new office, upgrading a system or simply need someone to call to sort out IT problems, AionSolution have the right solution for you. AionSolution services cover IT Outsourcing, computer equipment
supply, file server, email server, network infrastructure design and implementation, intranet and internet security setup, critical data backup and restore.


Malware and viruses are at an all time high, especially with the particularly nasty ransomware. We provide end to end security, from firewall, to anti-virus software, to protect you from malicious attacks.

Who we are?

The technological landscape is ever changing. It is therefore essential to leverage the evolving knowledge base into solutions that accelerate, simplify and enrich business processes to have an edge over competition.
That is what we do here at AionSolution. Started in 2005, we keep you ahead of your competition by providing you with the equipment and services that help you to become more successful. We turn the fast-paced IT industry into powerful services for you. We strive to support you in a way that’s convenient and relevant to your organization.

IT Services we offer

Customer Testimonials

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Why choose us?

We partner with you to deliver Responsive and Cost Effective IT & Support Solutions

We are a group of IT professionals. Our trained professionals are not only computer savvy, but people savvy as well and have over 10 years of experience in serving SME and corporations


Getting IT right at the start

SMEs can be rest assured of having the computer system up and running and focus the energy back to growing your business by outsourcing your IT to AionSolution.

Every SME has a unique way of doing business which means there is no universal solution that works for every business. Today it is possible to obtain the support SMEs need at any individual phase of the desktop lifecycle, be it planning, deploying, managing or transitioning. AionSolution offers a comprehensive range of services that match your needs.


Make an informed decision

AionSolution helps you make better decisions on what to purchase and begin a professional approach to managing your IT environment.

Before you start refreshing technology that you believe is appropriate for your business needs, it never hurts to get a second or third opinion. Do you know if your IT operations are optimized? Are you certain that the new technology will integrate seamlessly with those that you already have? Are there opportunities that you could potentially exploit using new technology?


Single Point of Contact

AionSolution delivers Multi-Vendor Support. Business owners can be sure of getting the latest hardware and software releases that bring them closer to their business objectives.

As SMEs are highly sensitive to business disruptions, reliable and localized support becomes a critical component in day-to-day business operations. With a diverse collection of hardware and software, you have to call different vendors to get the support you need when a crisis hits. It can be frustration experience when each vendor responds inconsistently according to the respective service level agreements.

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