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4 ways outsourcing your IT can really help your business grow

Most small to mid-size businesses think they can or should do it all. And while this mentality may be okay in the very beginning of establishing your organisation, it will soon start to stall the growth of your company.

Growth takes time and resources, but when these are spent on tasks outside of your core business activity, you will soon find yourself with very little time to actually do your work.

This is why most businesses – small or large – outsource some tasks: payroll administration, human resources and recruiting being the most common.

Nowadays, you can technically outsource pretty much any area of your business, including marketing, sales, or even customer support. But you shouldn’t outsource something just because you don’t like to do it, if this is an important part of your business.
So what should you outsource?
It depends: on the core activity of your business, on your skills and expertise as well as your organisation’s future goals. One of the best examples of what can successfully be outsourced is specialised knowledge that’s not part of your core business. For a tech business this can be their marketing and sales, while for a marketing agency it could be their payroll services and IT. In fact, many businesses are not able to afford or need a full-time IT person, and so contracting an IT support company with the right skill might be the best choice.

The 4 big advantages of outsourcing your IT that can help your business grow

Someone else is invested in your success
Ideally, your IT service provider should be responsible of their deliverables and the outcome of their work and if they’re not, then it’s time to reconsider who you’ve partnered with. When you employ a professional service provider, they are paid to deliver the services you need, at the quality level you need. This creates a relationship of shared ownership, where your IT provider’s responsibility is to make sure your business is successful.
Outsourcing lets you focus on what you do best
This is in fact one of the most common traps of entrepreneurship: you set up your own business, only to soon realise you’re not doing that you’re really passionate about, but spend most of your time on administrative tasks and fixing things left and right. And to be brutally honest, probably not doing the greatest job at it either!
When a managed IT company handles all your technology, you win back some (a lot!) of this otherwise wasted time of fixing PCs, running updates, managing vendors and licenses, etc. You can invest this into driving your organisation further and developing the human and knowledge capital that will put your organisation ahead of competition.
Outsourcing gives you access to IT experts
Most businesses don’t need to have a fully staffed, full time IT department to successfully leverage technology in their organisation. But they could definitely use the expertise! You can access top talent for your technology needs by employing a managed service provider. Their well-trained IT experts will be able to ensure your business has reliable systems and makes use of the latest technologies.
Outsourcing will save you money
As a direct consequence of the point above, employing an IT support company will mean you get the expertise at a fraction of the cost, simply because you don’t employ them on a full-time basis. It also makes it incredibly easy to scale up your business, without lengthy recruitment process or resource management. When you’re working with the right IT provider, the level and/or volume of IT support and IT services you need can generally be adjusted quickly to meet your needs.
Outsourcing has its clear advantages: it can provide you with instant professional support, and can adapt to the pace of your business. In today’s competitive market, outsourcing your IT service is a great way to gain a dramatic advantage in the market, while also freeing up the time and resources you need to grow your business.
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