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IT Support

Aion IT Support Services is designed to help SME manage their PCs, Servers or any devices in your office

We provide all of the benefits of an internal IT department for a fraction of the price of staffing one yourself. We reduce the business impact of IT failures by minimising their occurrence, and any unforeseen issues are dealt with as a top priority.

Email Services

AionSolution has the expertise in designing enterprise grade messaging systems.

With extensive experience in supporting and deploying both cloud based (Microsoft Office 365, Google G Suite) and on premise solutions (Zimbra, Microsoft Exchange) we can advise and assist you in discovering how to leverage the mobility and cost savings available to your business

Servers Support & Setup

We provide Linux and Windows server, NAS server installation and setup services

With many years of experience in Linux and Windows server setup and support, we are confident your business can benefit from the performance, security and best practices we can offer for file sharing, data storage, data backup, email and more.


Cyber security is fast becoming a big issue for organisation large and small.

A breach can result in lost productivity and the cost of recover which could be huge. And the threats aren’t just external as simple mistakes by staff can lead to spread of viruses. The reality is that every network now needs a full solution to protect against spyware, viruses, malicious apps and ransomware.

Calculate Your IT Support Costs

All the benefits of an internal IT team, at a fraction of the cost
Get hassle free IT Support for your business, from friendly knowledgeable Hong Kong based support staff.

Plan Assure

Unlimited Onsite and Remote Support

Total (monthly)HK$
IT Support Packages
If you have 10 or less PC with 1 server, or just need the Remote Support Services, or simply an emergency Ad-Hoc support, check below

IT Support Packages

Aion IT Support Services is designed to help small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) manage their PCs, servers, firewall or network.

  • Remote Pack
    • HK$ 900 monthly
      • 3 sessions of remote support
      • Unlimited telephone support
      • No onsite support or
      • $1400 per onsite visit if needed
      • Suitable for companies that have limited budget and requires someone to take care of their ad-hoc IT needs

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Best choice
  • Plan Assure (Value)
    • HK$ 1357 monthly
      • Original $1757
      • Unlimited Onsite Support
      • Unlimited Remote Support
      • 10 or less PC / Mac
      • 1 server (Windows / NAS)
      • For SME with standard IT setup, start small and grow big!

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  • Instant Pack
    • HK$ 1600 One Time (2 hours)
      • Instant Ad-hoc support
      • Onsite within 4 hours
      • Additional $700 / hour
      • No guarantee of response time
      • If you just need a one time visit to sort things out, we are here to help.

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