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Benefits of AionMail (Zimbra)

Nowadays even the smallest of businesses can benefit greatly by taking advantage of email. AionMail email server offers reliable, secure and affordable control over your email needs in one easy...

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Zimbra Email and Collaboration Benefits

Every organization has access to basic email or a standard email server, but fewer have shared calendars- and fewer still mobility or document management. That’s a serious loss of potential...

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Mysql Crash Recovery

Mysql Crash Recovery In the event of database corruption it may be necessary to manually perform database recovery. See Bug 15797 for an example of an issue with mysql that will require database...

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Fixing a corrupted Zimbra database

I recently received an administrative email from my Zimbra mail server informing me that I had some corrupted tables in the MySQL database. I confirmed this by logging into my Zimbra...

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Moving ZCS to Another Server

Moving ZCS to Another Server Posted in PowerTips - Admins by Mike Morse on October 9th, 2007 In this Zimbra Administrator’s PowerTip, we’ll discuss how to move your instance of Zimbra to...

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