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禁用Guest 帳戶

1 .開始 -> 執行 -> gpedit.msc 2. [電腦設定] -> [Windows 設定] -> [安全性設定] -> [本機原則] ->[安全性選項] 3. [帳戶: Guest 帳戶狀態] -> 設定為 [已停用]...

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將Administrator 帳戶改名

1 .開始 -> 執行 -> gpedit.msc 2. [電腦設定] -> [Windows 設定] -> [安全性設定] -> [本機原則] ->[安全性選項] 3. [重新命名系統管理員帳戶]...

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1. 開始 -> 執行 -> 輸入 “gpedit.msc” -> 確定 2. 展開: [電腦設定] -> [Windows 設定] -> [安全性設定] -> [帳戶原則] -> [密碼原則] 3. 按兩下 [密碼必須符合複雜性需求]原則 4. 打開其內容對話框, 將內容設定為 [已啟用] -> 確定 5. 按兩下[最小密碼長度] -> 設定長度...

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設定超強Windows XP 啟動密碼

1.  開始 -> 執行-> 輸入 “syskey” -> 確定 2. 打開 [設定Windows XP 帳戶資料庫安全性] 對話框 3. 按” 更新” 4. 選擇 “密碼啟動” 按鈕 5. 輸入密碼 及碓認 -> 碓定 6. 重啟便可 若要取消 在對話框中選擇 [將啟動金鑰存放在本機上] 即可...

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這次的移除法將可解決所有的綁架法!!! 例如: 首頁無法更改 . 首頁被更改設定 . 瀏覽器名稱被修改 . 瀏覽器被自動執行 . 開機被鎖定 . 還有最惡劣的登錄編輯器被停用...

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Migrate Workgroup to Domain

1) Reboot and log onto the machine as local admin. Copy the profile of the local user.(old user profile) Name it “copyofusername” or something similar. (optional) 2) Join the domain (under...

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Cannot change paging file

Try this Start regedt32.exe (not regedit.exe) Go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Session Manager\Memory Management Double-click PagingFiles. The entry will appear as D:\pagefile.sys 700 700 The first value is the location; the second is the minimum size; and the third...

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Quick Launch disappears each reboot

After reading through these (and many other similar forums) and not finding a solution that worked for me, there appears to be a 3rd form of the problem ‘Quick Launch...

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Display remote computer Task list

tasklist /s compname /u user /p password killtask /s compname /u user /p password /im taskname Re: ERROR: The RPC server is unavailable. It could be the firewall issue. This may help.Remote Management...

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