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BIOS Editor

Since the BIOS Hacking 101 article and the BIOS thread in this section, are still getting steady traffic, I thought I had better post some links on where to find them, until I can get the updated article up.


AMIBCP V7.60.04 (DOS)

This is just the updated version of the AMIBCP75 program.
Use this one on the older bios files.
While it seems to be a little better behaved running in a DOS Box in Windows, booting to a clean DOS is still the best way.
AMIBCP 3.13 (Windows)
http://rom.by/index.php?title=Wiki  <see note in the Award section>

You will need to use this one for the newer Core 8 bioses.
This is a stand alone program that runs in Windows. virgin file if you need one.

MMTool v3.12

http://rom.by/index.php?title=Wiki <see note in the Award section>
http://depositfiles.com/files/634617 (you have to jump through hoops, but it will get to the DL link).

This is a hardcore hacking tool….. so learn about it before you use it!
You’ve been warned.

This does more than just change and save settings. You can Extract, Insert, and Modify whole Modules of the bios file. You can also change the Text Strings that show in the bios when you go into it durning bootup, and even add a cpu to the list of chips it recognizes.
Very Dangerous Stuff!
Or just DL this:


This  file has both the MMTool 3.12 and the AMIBCP 3.13 programs included, as well as a few other AMI utilities. It also has a .PDF file that has the basic info for the programs.


While searching for the newer AMI programs, I saw mention of several editors for Award. The two main editors are Modbin and Cbrom.
Like the AMI bios’s, you need the correct version of Modbin to tweak the files. You need Modbin for older files, and Modbin6 for the newer files.

I haven’t used any of the other Award editors yet, so I can’t say for sure, but since Cbrom also has a Cbrom6, I am going to say, ” Yes it applies to them also”.

For the latest(?) versions of Modbin6 and Cbrom6:
This site is not in English, but has links to what looks to be the most recent of the AMI, Award, and Phoenix bios editors, as well as a couple of other BIOS’s I have never heard of before. Look on the Right side of the page.

For Modbin and Cbrom, and earlier versions of the 6’s:

You are on your own with this one.
I haven’t even SEEN a motherboard with a Phoenix bios in a couple of years, let alone downloaded a bios file just to play with. Sorry.

I did download the editor that’s on the ROM.BY site (listed above). Just to have one handy .

Still more links

Some of these links may be a little out of date, require some digging to find the info you need, or have already been posted above. But if you really want to get into the whole bios tweaking/editing thing, they are worth reading. If just for the background info they can provide





Remember, Google is your friend.
Playing with the search keywords, can get you some interesting results. Even when they don’t directly help with the problem you are working on.

Also keep in mind that Finagle’s First and Second Laws what! you are not Science Fiction fans? are always waiting to get you.
I. The perversity of the Universe tends to a maximum.
II. If something can go wrong, it will. (aka: Murphy’s Law).