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How to connect two iPhones to a PC and not get mixed in syncing contacts, games, application etc…

It is easy to connect two iPhones with one PC (one iTune account). Actually iPhone is a slave device to iTunes but at a time one should pair one device to PC but we can connect simultaneously also.  The fact is every PC can have up to 256 iPods and iPhone on it. Each iPhone has its own settings provided by the device list (left in the library) in iTunes and can be configured for either the same or different. So there is no chance to get two iTunes account or getting two PCs for your two iPhone or iPod devices…

The step by step process to link the phone to pc :
# So before hooking up two iPhones to one computer is to make sure that the iPhones have different names. Chances are your two iPhones or iPods would already have different names as they are used by different people.

At the time of connection the iTunes will ask for the name of your device, so keep in mind that you give different names to that. Sync up each iPhone one at a time. When you connect each iPhone, iTunes will recognize the unique name and allow you to set up your playlists, photos, etc. unique to that iPhone.

Now its time to sync other phone same as the first….

The main problem users find in connecting two iPhones to one pc or iTunes account is that the sync show the other phone‘s contacts, music files to the phone we sync so to keeping them seperate you need to take care of few things when you sync up your device.

Case 1:  When you have one account to sync two or more devices (iPhones or iPods)
iTunes can easily keep them separate. To have two separate sets of contacts, you need to create two groups of contacts in your address book (on a Mac). Then under the Info tab in iTunes (after selecting your iPhone icon), select which contact groups you want to sync for that iPhone.  When changing iPhone syncing preferences (calendar, playlists, etc.), make sure to hit the “Apply” button on the bottom or the preferences will not save. But if you are syncing iPhone for the first time so.

In the Info tab, you need to pick different contacts groups (you may need to set that up in Address Book), check the boxes for different apps on the Applications tab, etc. Theres no way to have separate bookmarks.

The main thing that cannot be seperated is bookmarks, there is no way to have separate bookmarks. When you sync the phones remember to sync the first iPhone, then back up the computer’s hard drive before syncing the second one just in case.

Case 2: If you want to have separate accounts for them…

To set up two user accounts actually fast user switching. This way, iTunes will keep one device’s playlist and stuff separate from the other device. The one trick, though can be helpful here is to put all your music in a shared folder and then point iTunes to that folder for both users making sure to turn off the “Consolidate Library” feature in iTunes. This will keep things clean.

Hope you will find it easy when you sync your iPhone next time.