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Educating Your Staff on Computer Security

In the battle against cybercrime, your staff are your strongest line of defence but also your weakest link. It’s vital that you take a proactive, ongoing approach to educating your entire staff about cyber security threats and the counter-measures they can take before data, systems and reputation are compromised.

Here are our top five tips for educating your staff on cyber security:
Tip #1: Clearly communicate

Remind your employees of their responsibility and how they represent your company. Walk through scenarios with them regularly and keep them up to date on the latest reported threats. Most employees will not realise how they’re potentially undermining your business through their everyday behaviours – such as leaving devices unlocked and not logging out of applications.
Tip #2: Make it everyone’s responsibility

The more senior an employee, the more information they have access to, making them a more attractive target to cyber criminals. IT staff have even greater power over the network, making them just as vulnerable to hackers. Ensure complacency doesn’t set in and remind everyone that your company’s infrastructure is only as secure as its weakest link.
Tip #3: Set some ground rules

Encourage staff to browse safely and not open any questionable links or attachments. If they do receive anything which looks suspicious have a system in place where they can report this. Only allow trusted devices to be used.
Tip #4: Recognise and respond

If an attack or breach does occur, send everyone a notification immediately to limit the impact of the attack. Notify your IT Support service provider.

Educating your employees about security threats and best practices for online behaviour and privacy can at least reduce the likelihood of a breach caused by human error.
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