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Why AionMail ?
Pros and Cons of an in-house email system versus hosted email
A "hosted" email system is basically an email system that is contracted through an outside company. Hosted email systems are relatively fast to get up and running. There's nothing for the customer to buy. The outside company is doing all the work and providing the solutions. The upfront cost is also reasonably low because, unlike in-house email systems, there are no initial capital expenditures for equipment or software.
The advantage of an in-house email system is that the customer has much more control over the platform. Access to email is much quicker through your internal network. And the email storage is much bigger. But with daily control comes daily responsibility, so beyond the initial investment, the user must also hire consultants for the expertise needed to setup and manage the email system.
AionMail Email Server
AionMail Email Server licenses offer the advantages of both hosted email and in-house email system. You don't need to share your email system with others, you don't have to worry about the limited storage you subscribed from hosting companies and same with hosted email, there are no upfront capital commitment required. Running on Linux platform, AionMail is designed to have improved uptime and increase security. Because now you have your in-house email system, it allows you to take control of your email.
AionMail - host and take control of your email
AionMail has the pros of hosted and in-house email but without the cons of them.
  Hosted Email In-house Email AionMail
Advantages of different email system      
No up-front capital commitment required  
Email Subscription based  
No need to share email with other companies  
Onsite technical support  
Additional Cost
Eliminate the limitation of email storage  
7 x 24 Email monitoring  
Better security and reliability  
Improved speed for email access  
Increase control over configurations and settings  
AionSolution Professional Service      
AionSolution 7x24 remote support and monitoring and
AionSolution Office hour unlimited onsite support
Setup, Installation and e-mail migration
Pricing Comparision      
For 25 Users
1. Intel Pentium E2140 Core Duo 1.6GHz 1M Cache
2. Kingston 1G DDR2 667
3. Gigabyte GA-95GCMX-S2
4. Hitachi 160G SATA
Average price from hosting co -
Shared hosting - 3.6G Space - HK$488/month
Dedicated hosting - 2U Rack space (no hardware) - HK$1200/month
Server Rental - Min HK$ 1900/month
Microsoft SBS (25 Users)
~ HKD 25,000
HK$567per month
(1 year contract - prepaid)
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