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AionMail - Features
Email is a critical application
Email use has increased dramatically with the growth of the Internet. When most SME were so heavily relying on Fax ten years ago, today email has become the most used medium for business communication. That's why we need a reliable messaging systems to count on to keep pace with the needs.

With Zimbra as the the underlying mail server, AionMail is leveraging the strength of the open source philosophy to innovate enterprise communication:

  • Transform email and collaboration to become more efficient
  • Make administration and integration easier
  • Drive down the total cost of ownership (TCO) in enterprise messaging
  • Worry free email solution. You host your email, we manage it for you.

  • AionMail for Businesses
    AionMail provides state of the art messaging and collaboration solutions (emails, address book, calendar, web documents, etc) for businesses to deploy on your own premises, therefore, you can now host and control your own email servers.
    Better usability

    Rich Web 2.0/Ajax user interface with sharing, search, RSS,tagging, etc.
    Wiki-based collaboration for simple document/spreadsheet authoring, ad hoc sharing, and inclusion of desktop documents/public folders.
    Support for email clients such as Microsoft Outlook, Apple and Linux
    Low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
    Web-based administration includes User Account Management, Security Settings, SMTP/POP3/IMAP4, daemon control and more.
    Mature open source server infrastructure - Linux/Unix file system for message store, MySQL for meta-data storage, Apache for web container, Lucene for search, etc.
    Strong internet-based security SSL/TLS for all protocols that does not require VPN.
    Native support for anti-spam and anti-virus. Spam filter with Spamassassin integration.
    AionMail is a complete email turnkey solution with hardware appliance and the Email Server software pre-loaded and configured for rapid deployment with full support. You will enjoy a much lower TCO. Look at our email packages and pricing information.
    We cover your IT needs
    Whether you are setting up a new office, upgrading a system or simply need someone to call to sort out IT problems, AionSolution have a support package for you. AionSolution services cover computer
    equipment supply, network infrastructure design and implementation, intranet and internet security setup, critical data backup and restore, anti-spam, anti-virus scanning and cleaning, preventive maintenance / health check, or emergency call out.
    Minimize your downtime.
    Maximize your efficiency and profits.
    Your Single Point of Contact
    As SMEs are highly sensitive to business disruptions, reliable and localized support becomes a critical component in day-to-day business operations.

    With a diverse collection of hardware and software, you have to call different vendors to get the support you need when a crisis hits. It can be frustration experience when each vendor responds inconsistently according to the respective service level agreements.

    AionSolution leverage on existing technology that an SME owns. We deliver Multi-Vendor Support. Business owners can be sure of getting the latest hardware and software releases that bring them closer to their business objectives.
    To our God and our Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen Phil 4:20